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Encaustics! I am seduced by color, by texture, by the glow you get when rub a finished piece.  I’ve only recently set up an encaustic studio in my home.  I’ve played around a little bit for several years now and, finally, I’m taking the plunge. I want to record things as I consider them, try them, succeed or fail at techniques and designs.  I often look at other artists’ blogs. Some of them are teaching sites, some of them are places of discovery.  I want to learn and I want to share.

What is a Blog?  I’ve only had one other blog.  When I was living in India I kept an on-line, simple blog, more like a diary.  It allowed me to capture the experiences of living abroad: my surprises, my pleasures, an accounting of the people I met and foods I ate, the noises and smells of India.  Now when I look back at that blog I’m often surprised at how little I knew when I first got there and how amazing my whole experience was.  And that’s what I’d like this blog to be; a notebook of art processes and experiments, of artist creativity and discovery. Join me when you have time.