I do very few encaustic pieces every year. This section except for a few available pieces in the beginning are just a record of some of the sold/ NA work I have done.

My ink series “In Search Of” has an encaustic medium finish similar to the “Mountains of Mist” series below.  Some of them are unexpectedly on cavas which makes them unusual for something labeled ‘encaustic’ but the finish is applied, heated and scraped off leaving a protective film on the surface of the painting. Those painting can be found in the Available Large section.

I bought a DVD from Elizabeth Schowachert who creates beautiful artwork in both encaustic and in encaustic monotypes.  Elizabeth also makes and sells amazing tools, especially usefully for monotypes.  Looking at her website makes me feel like a kid looking at a candy counter. Check her out! Her work inspired the first four lovely encaustic paintings and I have several others started.

This collection of paintings shown below (and slow to load) began in late 2017.  The most recent work starts on this page and gets older as you progress through the pictures.  My paintings were generally on cradled panel; however, last spring I received a Greater Columbus Arts Council Resource Grant to allow me to work larger and to experiment with Gatorboard, a strong, lighter-weight substrate. Most of my work is encaustic with multi-media (meaning I have added something such as ink, pastel, or shellac).  Click on a picture to see the full piece. At the end of the paintings (my beginning) you will see Artist’s Proofs on paper where I first experimented with new materials and techniques.


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