Encaustic Monotypes:

A cross between printing and encaustics, these monotypes are made by first painting on a heated metal palette with molten wax and then transferring that painting onto paper laid over the design on the palette.  As in printing, the design is reversed in the final artwork.  The papers used for printing may already have been worked (e.g, ecoprinting, rust, ink), adding to the final result. Included in this section are large sheets of India Ink mark-marking on Japanese papers.

Encaustic monotypes are often translucent due to the action of the wax (and the weight of the paper).  Two versions of the painting “Polar Vortex” are shown below.  One was photographed with sunlight shining behind it, the other was photographed on a white surface.  You can easily see the difference in the colors due to the translucent effects.

Paintings marked “NA” are no longer available.