For the past couple of months, when I haven’t been celebrating holidays, entertaining guests, or cruising in the Caribbean, I’ve been focused on learning how to paint with Oil and Cold Wax.  I’ve been working on pieces as small as 5″x7″ and as large as 22″x30″ or maybe just a little bigger.  I’m painting on cradled boards, old paintings from art college in acrylic or oil (most of which are heavy watercolor paper that has been gessoed for oil paint), those small canvases I painted in Provence that were good but not great (I’m a big re-user as you can tell), and Arches 140# oil paper that I took to my first cold wax class. So far, my favorite pieces are the little ones on the Arches oil paper.  I feel like I have more control, more unity when I’m working small.  I painted a few last year with Lisa Pressman; and I’ve finished 14 more since the beginning of 2018.  Some of the new ones are shown here as a point in time. I’m hoping later this year I’ll look back at them and remember that time before I figured out how to paint large.