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What happened to August? That month just sped along… it started off with my helping to hang the Hot Wax / Cool Art show  at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center and it finished this morning when I picked up only one of my pieces. “Nebula,” my favorite, (pictured above) will go home with someone new. I caressed its surface as if it were a lover, such depth and intricacy. When I’m creating it’s not really me, something directs me and does the work so I can stand aside and say “I really like that one.”

The air is cooler at night now and the days a little shorter, schools are starting up again. Funny how much of life is marked by boundaries and fall always reminds me that I should be learning something new. I am replete with autumn learning opportunities.  Encaustic classes with Bev Goldie are scheduled at the CAC; September brings a workshop with Paula Roland in Chicago; in October Dawn and I will go to Kansas City for a Lisa Pressman weekend. I’ll take some tools with me to Texas when I go to visit Lisa so she and Shawn and I can make encaustics together.  Jeanne is coming in October and we will spend several days in the studio.  Fall is my favorite season and wax is my subject.