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It’s been a while and I’ve been super busy and could have written any number of blogs over the last six-weeks; instead I’ll just catch you up.

  • At the end of May I picked up my unsold paintings from their two-month show at Art@43023.
  • Mid-May I went to a fund raiser for “Art for Life – Equitas Health” – I also submitted and had accepted an encaustic for their fall auction.
  • I jumped on a plane and visited my daughter Dawn and her family for 9 days.  We went to art and genealogy museums.
  • The next weekend I volunteered at the Golden Hobby Store in German Village; I try to do that once a month.
  • I had three solid weeks of oil & cold wax painting at the Cultural Arts Center while working on encaustic techniques at home
  • Last weekend I did three hours of encaustic demo at the Cultural Arts Center as part of their activities for the Columbus Arts Festival and I got to use some of my new techniques. See “The Birds & Bees” above.

In between all this activity I’ve been doing three home work assignments that Jerry McLaughlin sent out to help prepare us for the class I’m taking next week in his studio in Berkley, CA.  Also, I was to bring 5 unfinished paintings so it is easier to see my process.  I’ll include three of the maybe completed pictures below.