In Search Of

My show at the Bexley Public  is now on exihibit through June 22, 2022. The library is located at 2411 E. Main Street in Bexley, Ohio. Parking is available in the lot to the east of the library and on the street EXCEPT M-F 4-6pm.  Click on the photo below to see the show.


Artist Statement for In Search Of

My “In Search Of” series looks at what we hope to find in this world of chaos.  We search for inner meanings and understanding of why we are here and what is the meaning of life.  Where can we find our quiet moments and our connection to others.

Also on display is my new triptych “The Dilution of Memory” – A visual description of the effects of time on our recollection. Studies have shown that every time we access a memory we are rewriting and changing it. Change in memory over time is referred to as “dilution”. There are also some paintings from my “One Line” series.