On a personal note: I had cataract surgery on my left eye almost two weeks ago.  Wow! what a difference it makes to my vision, to how I see colors, and to how bright everything suddenly seems.  (My right eye is scheduled later this week.)  One of the last pieces I did before my surgery was featured in the post “Working with Rust“. I showed the painting  (below left) as a work-in-progress, but as my vision changed so did my feelings about the piece.

Oxbow:  an Oxbow is a u-shaped bend in a river or body of water and from the beginning the rust pieces upper right center reminded me of rivers seen from the air. Rust was incorporated into the wax and when I first felt it was complete I did a shellac burn, giving parts of the surface a lacy effect.

Rework: Encaustics are so workable.  True, if you’ve done a shellac burn you ought to be wearing eye and lung protection if you reheat the surface and I did. I added in more darks (below middle) but I still wasn’t satisfied.  Finally I went really dark, highlighting the oxbow aspect and keeping some of the shellac burn.  As a final step I added in some metallic highlights which you can best see when the light reflects (below right).