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Well of course if you are “enjoying” the single digit temps in Central Ohio today you would certainly be waiting for any month where it might be a little warmer; but that’s not why I’m waiting for October.  The Bexley Public Library has lots of wall space so the other day I asked how to get put on a list for an art exhibit of my encaustics.  They showcase six artists a year. 2017 is booked and they are now taking candidates for 2018.  They will make a decision in early summer.  Since the library walls can hold 25 large canvases and 25 small ones, 2018 would give me time to be ready.

However, they also have a 6’h x 9’w display case where they feature an artist a month.  I’ve signed up for October of this year. There are some complications in how I might hang heavy large canvases so over the next few months I’ll be watching what goes into the display case and how pieces are arranged.

The blog picture: “Excavation”, 6″h x 12″w x 1.5″d.  Encaustic and rust