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My son-in-law Mark is, among other things, a wood carver.  He turns beautiful bowls and plates.  At Christmas we look forward to getting something he has made and this year we were astounded at his holiday eggs.  Dawn and Mark have chickens, turkeys, and ducks and in his spare time Mark developed a process for carving the eggs and setting them on a turned stand with a light inside them to show off the designs.  Of course we all wanted to play with them so I got a couple of broken ones and  two new ones and experimented with wax, alcohol inks, and gold leaf, using them as a canvas for times when they are not illuminated.  Roy is redesigning the lighting set up and has printed off a battery holder on his 3-D printer until the ones he ordered can get here. Dawn is looking forward to taking some inks home with her and participating in the supply chain too.  Mark will still do the wooden supports and carve the eggs but we’re developing a system that will help protect them from over enthusiastic hands.