In 2018 much of my work was in encaustic or in oil and cold wax. I still love working in both mediums. “Flight from the Dark” was juried into a show this year, an indication of the beauty and mystery of the medium. Unfortunately,  both require (for me) cross ventilation, open windows, and even masks. As I adapt to my new studio with higher ceilings and a possibility of better ventilation I expect to work more frequently in these media in 2020.


I bought a DVD from Elizabeth Schowachert who creates beautiful artwork in both encaustic and in encaustic monotypes.  Elizabeth also makes and sells amazing tools, especially usefully for monotypes.  Looking at her website makes me feel like a kid looking at a candy counter. Check her out!

Anyway, her work inspired these four lovely encaustic paintings and I have several others started, I’m just waiting for warmer temps so I can open the windows.