Buying a New Palette: I’ve been lusting after the large R&F 16″ x 16″ ‘custom-made anodized aluminum palette’ for at least a year.  When I first started into encaustics I bought their 12″ square palette but only used it in the summer when I could open windows.  Eventually the 12″ palette found its way to be a new base for Roy’s 3-D printer… a lot of art equipment disappears into his studio although he might say some of it is reclaimed from the shop.  When I started getting back into encaustics a year or two ago I bought an electric griddle which has served me well but lately I found I wanted more surface area and a brush rack, both of which come with the new palette.

Shopping at thrift stores: On the way to the hardware store I stopped at the Ohio Thrift Store to check out their kitchen supplies. Not only did I find two flat bottomed containers good for melting wax, but I also found some kind of strainer with great holes in it and this circle thing that I have no idea what it’s for but at 99 cents who could resist it.  I also buy most of my studio clothes at thrift stores; for clothes I favor the Volunteers of America store on Indianola. No matter how careful I am, wax and paint gravitate toward my jeans.

Staying Safe: I now have a pretty good studio setup with ventilation, window fan, even a large air filter; but when I am finishing the sides of the cradled supports I am sanding and using stains and varnishes and I feel like the current setup isn’t quite enough to handle those fumes so I bought a new 3M reusable respirator to replace an old one.