Taking a class allows me to experiment with different styles.  Take today’s piece for example, currently known as 2016-12-15 :-).  This piece started off to be another “rust” piece and partway thru I found I had created an internal (in my mind) structure that was a inlet/ outlet of creatures moving thru the sea.  As the image built in my mind, more and more of the rust items disappeared except for the two you see in the photo.  I added texture by burning into the wax (right side) and by adding wax using stencils. Color was applied with pastels, watercolor, and pigmented wax.

“How do you know when you are done?” is a common question for creative endeavors; I mean if you working a math problem, normally it has an answer, maybe a couple of answers but it’s not open-ended.  Art is an unknown.  So I added a quiet place to rest your eye and on the way into the building I had found a leaf that complemented the greens in painting.  I create a pseudo leaf or water plant and okay… this piece is done.