Gateway to the Arts – Columbus International Airport

August 3 – October 1 2020

Bexley Public Library – Main Gallery

September 1 – October 31 2020






  • On-going Art@43023; 400 West Rich

    Thumb Box (Annual Ohio Art League), Group

    Promenade Gallery, Group, (Dec. 2019)

    o Resident Artists, 400 West Rich

    My [Creative] Space (Aug-Oct) Juried, group

    o Carnegie Gallery, CML in conjunction w/ COSS

    Columbus Open Studio & Stage (COSS)

    o Tour Artist (Sept)

    Teaching Art Workshops, 1-2 times monthly

    o Acrylic Pours, 400 West Rich

    Art in Permanent Collection (Fall, 2019)

    o Museum of Encaustic Art, Santa Fe, NM

    50 States/ 200 Artists (July-Sept) Juried, group show

    o Museum of Encaustic Art, Santa Fe, NM

    1st Unitarian Church (June), Group

    o Exhibition of CAC Painting Class

    Conversations & Coffee, April 4, 2019, Presentation

    o “The Science of Acrylic Pours”
    o Columbus Cultural Arts Center

    Fire & Ice: Creating Art with Wax

  • Bexley Public Library, Reading Room (Dec ’17 & Jan)

    Operation Monarch, (March-May) Juried, group show

    o Columbus Cultural Arts Center




    • Thumb Box (Ohio Art League), Group

    • Studio B Hair Design in Clintonville (Nov, Dec), Solo

    • Dick Blick “Artist of the Month” – Oct 2018

      • Short North, Columbus OH, Solo Encaustic Exhibition

    • Art@43023 Gallery, (Sept) became a Partner

      • My work is permanently on exhibit

      • Granville, OH

    • Centered 2018 PT. 2 (June 22-July 14)

      • Exhibit of work by Columbus Cultural Arts Center Students

    • Art@43023, April & May

      • Granville OH, 20 of my small OCW paintings on exhibit

    • Fire & Ice: Creating Art with Wax (Dec ’17 & Jan)

      • Bexley Public Library (Ohio), Solo Exhibition

  • 2017

    • Thumb Box (Ohio Art League)

      • Franklin Park Conservatory, Group Exhibition

    • Hot Wax / Cool Art

      • Columbus Cultural Art Center, Group Exhibition


I am clearly the poster child for life-long learning

  • Ongoing Columbus Cultural Arts Center, classes in painting, figure drawing

2019 – Digital/ DVD: Nancy Reyner – Acrylic, Jerry McLaughlin & Rebecca Crowell – OCW, Elizabeth Schowachert – Encaustic
2019 – Professional Development ‘Live’ Classes via computer: Nancy Hillis, Jan-Feb; Nancy Reyner, Spring; Gwen Fox, Fall
2018 – Oil & Cold Wax Advanced Class with Jerry McLaughlin & Rebecca Crowell Mexico (Dec)
2018 – Encaustic Expo – Santa Fe, NM (Oct)
2018 – Oil & Cold Wax with Jerry McLaughlin, Berkley (March)
2017 – Oil & Cold Wax with Lisa Pressman
2017 – Encaustic Monotypes with Paula Roland
2015 – 2016 Workshop Programs in Watercolor, Printing, Oil Painting & Encaustic
2013-2015 BFA Program: OSU Fine Arts Program
2010-2012 BFA Program: CCAD (Merit Scholarship)
2002 – 2008 Adult Art Education Classes: CCAD
1987 Master of Science (Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence), The Ohio State University
1984 Bachelor of Science (Statistics), The Ohio State University